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General Purpose Thermometers | View PDF

We have  a wide range of General Purpose Thermometers available with different temperature ranges. They are either Mercury or Red Spirit Filled and measure
305mm in length. Other lengths may be ordered on request. Max/Min thermometers
are also available.
These are commonly used in application which needs a fast,
simple way of measuring temperature such as at schools and laboratories.

Maximum Registering Thermometers | View PDF

These thermometers are used to register the maximum temperature reached during
a certain period of time. These have a constriction in the bore to prevent the
mercury from receding when the thermometer is cooling. This thermometer is
reset by holding it at the end furthest from the bulb and swinging it down in a pendulous action.

Precision & NATA Certified Thermometers | View PDF

When it comes to very accurate and precise measurements, Precision and NATA Certified Thermometers are the solution. Whether it be for official testing or for important laboratory measurements and calibrations, these thermometers are
the ones to choose.