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Series 30 Dial Thermometers | View PDF

75mm Dial Thermometers, Horizontal (Rear) stem or Vertical (Bottom) stem
Various Temp Ranges, ie. 0/50C, 0/150C
Various Stem Lengths, ie. 63, 100, 150, 300mm
1/2" BSP/NPT connection, custom temp ranges or stem lengths available on request

Series 20 Dial Thermometers | View PDF

63mm dial, Horizontal (Back) & Vertical (Bottom) Stem
0/120C (standard stock range)
63mm stem which includes threaded connection " NPT/BSP
Available with 316 Stainless Steel Thermowell (Model 20-120-063 TW only)
Adjustable Pointer for recalibration, All Stainless Steel construction


Threaded - stepped, tapered or straight
Flanged - straight or heavy duty tapered
Welded, Sanitary, Van Stone

Pocket Test Thermometers | View PDF

1" Pocket Test 200mm stem length with case
1 3/4" Laboratory Test with pan clip 200mm stem length
Used for quick, easy and accurate readings
-10/110C temperature range
Other temp ranges available on request

Dual Magnet Surface Thermometers | View PDF 1 | View PDF Mine Safe

2" (50mm) dial, with Bimetallic sensor located in a draft shield within virtual contact
with surface, reaching sensing equilibrium within 3 minutes.
Temp Ranges: -20/120, -20/250, 0/400C
Other custom temp ranges available on request
NEW Model MINE SAFE Surface Thermometers available with No Aluminium Parts

Vapour Pressure Termometers | View PDF

100mm dial, Vertical (Bottom) stem with 3 metres capillary
Temp Range: 20/120C
200mm bulb length, 1/2" BSP/NPT connection
Stainless steel construction

Gas Filled Termometers | View PDF

100 - 160mm dial
Stainless Steel case, bezel and stem
Brass pointer movement
3 metre 5mm capillary, 8mm sheath, PVC over flexible galvanised steel