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Low Pressure Gauges

We offer 2 types of low pressure gauges: Capsule and Diaphragm Element gauges. Capsule gauges are suitable for dry and gaseous media which do not attack copper alloy or stainless steel systems.

8S CA |View PDF

  • Screw on Acrylic Window or Instrument glass window
  • 0/1.6 kPa up to 100 kPa

8S CC |View PDF

  • Instrument glass window, Bayonet Bezel, 0/60 kPa up to 100,000 kPa

8S CS |View PDF

  • Laminated Safety Glass, Bayonet Bezel
  • 0/1.6 kPa up to 100,000 kPa

8S DE Diaphragm Element |View PDF

  • Laminated Safety Glass, DIN Bayonet Bezel
  • 0/40 kPa up to 4000 kPa