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FilterAlert Gauges | View PDF

Accurate, reliable dial gauges for low pressure monitoring of air filters and the general performance of HVAC, process and dust extraction systems. Filteralert gauges are compact, durable and simple to fit. The easy to read dial displays positive, negative or differential air pressure enabling constant monitoring of air filter conditions.

  • Air filter condition & Air handling systems
  • Fan static pressure
  • COSHH compliance
  • Fume extraction
  • Process Leakage

PressureAlert Gauges | View PDF

High resolution, low pressure dial gauges for air and inert gas monitoring in clean rooms, process control and hvac systems. Pressurealert gauges are designed for
fast, accurate measurement of positive, negative and differential pressure.

  • Laminar flow cabinets
  • Low pressure processes & inflatable structures
  • Fan and blower performance
  • Pressure instrument calibration
  • Clean room differential