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Filter Loss Manometers | View PDF

Three types are available, the metal type FL 1.5 inclined gauge for general use, the type FL 4 vertical gauge for higher pressure work and the AFL 400 plastic filter loss gauge. Both metal instruments are die cast in aluminium utilising glass sight tubes supported along their length for rigidity. The scales are moveable for adjustment of the zero setting, and are boldly printed.

EKM Contact Manometers | View PDF

Designed to provide continuous monitoring of changes in positive, negative or differential pressure in air handling systems with a high degree of accuracy, these neat but ruggedly constructed instruments use a U-tube manometer which constantly displays the working pressure.

Industrial Manometers | View PDF

Airflow's general purpose manometers are suitable for positive, negative and differential pressure and combine low cost with quality engineering and a high standard of performance. The range includes basic gauges for filter monitoring in air handling systems, high sensitivity inclined gauges for monitoring more critical process pressures and a number of vertical column gauges suitable for wall mounting or free standing use in the laboratory. There is also a choice of manometers with visual and audible alarms.

Precision Manometer Test Sets | View PDF

Employing the same fundamental principles as the industrial manometers, Airflow's range of precision portable manometers are complete test sets. They incorporate one or two adjustable-range single limb manometers providing a wide choice of ranges from 0-125 Pa to 0-5000 Pa. Each manometer has a reservoir tank with a built-in metal bellows system which allows fine settings of the fluid level without changing the calibration. Once set up the instrument panel is accurately levelled with a three point rapid levelling system using a precision compound built-in spirit level.