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Prohood Capture Hood Kit | View PDF

A highly specified, light weight, one man operated solution for commissioning and balancing air volume flow at grilles, linear slots and diffusers.

  • Accurate for both supply and extract applications
  • Displays air volume flow, velocity and temperature in SI, Metric or Imperial measurements
  • ATD input for diffuser correction factors
  • Detachable air flow meter with a choice of vane 35mm and 100mm sensors
  • A choice between 6 Fabric and 3 Plastic Hood sizes

Aircone Flow Hood Kit | View PDF

Double the capability of your anemometer at a fraction of the cost. These
flowhoods conveniently turn your 100mm rotating vane anemometer into
a flow meter instantly.

  • Two sizes suit most supply and extract grilles
  • Lightweight, tough construction for on-site use
  • Balance with confidence diffusers, linears, fan inlets and flow hoods
  • Both Aircones are supplied in a protective carry case