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DM2 Digital Micromanometer | View PDF

The DM2 range offers a choice of hand held medium and low-pressure digital micromanometers for fast, accurate and inexpensive pressure measurement.  Suitable for positive, negative and differential pressure they are multi scaled for
high resolution readings across a wide pressure range. Fully microprocessor controlled with extensive data logging capabilities, they provide both RS232 and analogue outputs.

PVM100-610-620 Micromanometer | View PDF PVM100 | PVM610 & 620

The Airflow PVM100, 610 & 620 Micromanometers represent the latest microprocessor technology, offering an outstanding choice of time saving features   at surprisingly low cost. Reading Air Velocity and Pressure direct, the PVM series combines exceptional accuracy with a high memory capability so that up to 60 measured values can be instantly stored, recalled and reviewed.

KAL84 Pressure Calibrator | View PDF

The KAL84 is a lightweight, portable meter that is a useful combination of digital micromanometer with an integral pressure generator source. The instrument
provides a quick and simple means of checking and calibrating a wide variety of air and non-aggressive gas pressure sensors, transmitters and other measuring instruments, particularly those operating at low pressures.

DB2 Digital Barometer | View PDF

The DB2 electronic barometer is a compact portable instrument which is so versatile it may be used in a variety of modes as an absolute pressure barometer differential pressure manometer and vacuum meter. Fully microprocessor controlled with data logging capabilities, RS232 and analogue outputs the meter can be hand-held or permanently mounted in the laboratory, classroom, test house or office with a suitable fixing pad.

Digital Temperature & Humidity Meters | View PDF

Airflow can supply a range of handheld digital meters to measure temperature and humidity. Models available include infra red type thermometers, dual input probe thermometers and Thermohygro dataloggers.