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LCA 301 Vane Anemometer | View PDF

  • The LCA 301 is the newest air measuring tool that measures air velocity,
    volume and temperature.
    replacing the LCA30VA, LCA30VT & LCA6000 RVT.
  • The ergonomic design features a reversible vane head, allowing quick and accurate display readings whether measuring supply or extract flows.
  • Optional AirCones convert the LCA301 into an air volume flow balancing tool. 
  • Features unrivaled accuracy when measuring air velocity.

ANEMO Meteorological Anemometer | View PDF

  • Educational: Meteorological studies research
  • Environmental: Landfill sites, roof top HVAC plant, safety monitoring
  • Industrial: Petrochemical plants, emission stacks, flue gas spillage
  • Construction: Cranes, platforms, high rise building safety
  • Leisure: Yachting, Athletics, Wind Surfing, Gliding

EDRA6 Multirange Vane Anemometer   | View PDF

  • High quality measuring instrument providing instantaneous readings of air velocity, Dual scaled in m/sec and ft/min.
  • Switchable display across three ranges providing excellent resolution and readability even at low velocities.
  • Lightweight and robust for on-site use, Colour-coded display for readability.

TA5   Thermal Anemometer  | View PDF

  • Digital display of air velocity and air stream temperature
  • Multiple range selector ensures maximum resolution across a wide range
  • Bar graph turbulent flow indicator alerting of unstable flow conditions
  • Min/Max/Average function, Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Choice of "All Angle" articulating probe or telescopic probe

AV30  Air Velocity & Volume Flow Meter  | View PDF

  • Velocity and volume flow readings with instant or average reading modes
  • Telescopic extension handle with swivel joint for high level measurements
  • Four Line Backlit Imperial or Metric Display, Optional 35mm vane sensor
  • Lightweight and hand held with safety strap, Hold reading facility

UA30  Anemosonic Ultrasonic Anemometer  | View PDF

AnemosonicTM UA30 is a major advance in reliable ultrasonic measurement
techniques by being truly portable, with a sensor less than 45mm across and adaptable by offering a choice of hand held or standalone monitoring. Exceptional accuracy is achieved by electronically sampling the velocity at an incredible 3,840 times every second. Turbulence and air speed vectors can also be determined.

AV6  Air Velocity, Flow and Temperature Logger  | View PDF

AV6 is a compact yet highly specified rotating vane anemometer benefiting from the latest intuitive data logging technology. Fast accurate measurements of air velocity, volume flow & airstream temperatures are integrated with advanced microprocessor technology to provide powerful processing and data collection. Analogue & digital outputs are compatible with micro printers & WINDOWS® software.