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WD-5 Wet & Dry Bulb Thermometer (Hygrometer)

Dry & Wet Thermometers with Reservoir
Temp Range: -15/50C, Dimensions: 80 x 35 x 320mm (LxWxH)
Subtract wet thermometer reading from dry thermometer reading
and utilise the Humidity Card provided to calculate % Relative Humidity.

WD-2 Compact Sling Psychrometer

This Sling Psychrometer determines % Relative Humidity by measuring the evaporation of water into the surrounding air. The compact design allows the thermometers to be housed within the slide rule casing.
Range: 0/45C, 10/100 % Relative Humidity. Spare thermometers are available.

WD-6 Sling Psychrometer

Standard design sling psychrometer to measure % Relative Humidity.
Comes with a carry case and a humidity card.
Temperature Range: -5/50C
. Spare thermometers are available.

PSY-57 Psychrometer & Infrared Thermometer

Non-contact and ambient temperature measurements with a humidity sensor.
Triple display with backlight, built in RS-232 interface for PC connection.

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