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Tempcal Dry Block Calibrators | View PDF

3 models covering temperature ranges from ambient -45C to 650C
(-40C when used in conjuction with a Chiller Unit). 3 versions -

the basic 'F' and 'S', and microprocessor based 'H' version.

Tempcal Junior | View PDF

The Tempcal Junior is a low cost alternative to the Tempcal 425S, where routine checking of RTD and thermocouples is all that is required.

OTB-8 Series Oil/Water Baths | View PDF

Haven OTB-8 Oil/Water Baths are a compact and reliable solution for the
calibration of thermal sensors. Available in 2 models depending on range and application required.

Refrigerated Baths | View PDF

These baths are a complete refrigerated circulating system for closed circuit applications for temperature ranges from -35 to 100C. Two bath capacities are available, 7 litres (RB-5A) or 12 litres (RB-12A).

Fluidised Baths | View PDF BFS | FB-08 | SBL

BFS - High Temperature baths: 200 - 1100C
Temperature stability: 0.5 to 3.5C
Display Resolution: 1C, Air Pressure: 47 kPa ( 7 psi )

FB-08: -100 - 700C
Temperature stability: 0.0001C
PID Temperature control, Digital temperature indication/setpoint

SBL: 50 - 600C
Control stability: 1C or upto 0.3C when used with TC-8D controller
Air Pressure: 21 kPa ( 3 psi ), Air Flow, max litres/min: 57