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PC30 Universal Pressure Calibrator | View PDF
Pocket sized, rugged and housed in a splashproof aluminium case. Designed to provide laboratory accuracy in field conditions, the PC-30 Series of Pressure Calibrators are fully temperature compensated over the range 0 - 50C. No need
for clean dry air - the PC-30 Series are compatible with gases or liquids.

Multical Pressure Module | View PDF
The Multical Pressure Module can turn a Digital Multimeter into a Pressure Calibrator. If you can measure DC or mV, then you can measure pressure with a Multical. The Multical converts the pressure measurement to mV and the output is displayed
on the meter.

PC6 Pneumatic Calibrator  | View PDF
The Haven PC - 6 Pneumatic Instrument Calibrator is a portable, hard-wearing instrument enabling calibration to be carried out quickly and easily with
simultaneous pressure measurement and output facilities.

Hand Pumps | View PDF

Rugged, lightweight, compact and easy to use, Pressure Ranges from Vacuum to 3000 psi. All models feature a precision vernier for fine adjustment and pressure release valve. Ideal as a self-contained pressure source for calibration of gauges
and switches
. Compatible with Haven hand-held calibrators.