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Minical® IV - DC Current and Voltage Calibrator | View PDF

Designed for the calibration of process control instrumentation including
transmitters, transducers, recorders, controllers and indicators, the Minical IV
is a highly accurate mV/mA simulator/calibrator with the added ability to
generate up to 12V DC and to read up to 20V DC. In addition, the Minical IV
can act as a 4 - 20mA transmitter simulator, which will operate in powered or unpowered loops.

Spec-Cal® Eclipse II | View PDF

This multifunction process equipment can calibrate DC Current / Voltage, RTDs, Thermocouples, 4/20 mA, while our Multifunction process equipment can measure
and simulate 12 thermocouple types and simultaneously measure and/or generate
mV, mA or volts, and ohms.

EN100 Vibration Meter | View PDF

  • Auto Power Off
  • Hold Button
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Built-in ISO 2372 Chart on front of meter
  • Headphone output
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries & Charger included